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5 Easy Tips for Fall Decorations

Think Outside The Pumpkin

photograph of a pumpkin

Make your fall pumpkin stand out by decorating the OUTSIDE, rather than gutting it. Not only does this broaden the possibilities to glitter, paint, melting crayons, and more, but it could also prolong the life of your beautiful gourd.


Warm Hues + Neutrals = Autumn Environment

Fall colors aerial view

Bring the autumn indoors by looking to nature for inspiration.


 Keep Firewood In Your Fireplace

pre-loaded fireplace

Not only will it save you a step for the next fire you build, but it will appear “primed” and ready, creating a cozy feel with the comfort of having things already taken care of.


Show Off Throw Pillows And Blankets

blankets add color and warmth

Cooler temperatures mean cozy decor is a welcome addition. Use blankets and throw pillows to add color and coziness to your living spaces.


Display Apples In A Bowl

Glossy red apples on display

Be authentic by showing off the best fruit of the season: Apples! Beautiful, fresh seasonal fruit on display gives a feeling of abundance. The fresh scent doesn’t hurt, either!

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